Helen Starlet: Bathing Suits & Lube

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Helen Starlet, who is at all times tasty joy, attempts on bikinis, dances, juggles her Pia Zadoras so prompt tot comes just about hoisting off the bottom, entirely lubricates her now slender and stacked assets and spunks rock-hard with a giant fuck-toy.

“I generally have many issues discovering bathing suits that have compatibility and don’t fall off my Pia Zadoras,” Helen mentioned. “It takes me and my sis Erin a lengthy time to search out bikinis that have compatibility and in addition view supreme. Discovering supreme bathing suits for my more or less assets takes a pile of time.

“I love to observe how folks view once I put on a swimsuit on vacation. Their reactions make me giggle. For some reason why, everybody needs to converse to me and purchase me lunch and swallows.”

For some reason why, everybody needs to get just about Helen. We surprise why.

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